Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Reason Why Organics Rule

Mbf and I went to a house party last night to help celebrate my friend C’s recent marriage. They had a quiet civil ceremony at city hall last weekend, and then hosted last night separately to keep things simple. It had a games theme – and get this – yours truly outscored ALL the men on the racecar driving game. *grin* It was pretty fun actually, with a real-sized steering wheel and foot pedals and everything. (Thankfully it had an automatic setting – I can’t drive stick to save my life.) But yeah, I kicked butt and took names. C’s husband had it all set up super-sweet: the game was projected through an LCD player onto this big movie screen on the wall. Wish I could say I did as well at the Wii portion of the evening. (I suck soooo bad at Wii – and I have no idea why - and no one else could figure out what I was doing wrong. Maybe I just need more practice or something. I’d only ever played once before… when C and I snuck out of a work conference early and went back to her place to play Wii bowling… which I also suck at. *sigh* Anyone willing to coach me so I don’t have to suffer further public humiliation? Pleeeeease?) I’ll just have to rest on the laurels of my driving prowess, I guess.

Anyway, I was going to post this last night when I got home, but I ended up falling asleep in my clothes after I got done taking my make-up off. When Charlie woke me up this morning looking for food, I was still in the same position I had crashed in. I completely blame that bottle of organic Dolcetto Di Dogliani, 2006. It did me in. But HA! This means that I can finally get my drink on again – complete sobriety simply did not suit this girl. At all. Rotten allergies. *shakes fist* [I became anaphylactic in February and have a ridiculous number of things I am now allergic to. We're talking Epi-Pen City. More on that later.] Funnily enough though, mbf, even after all these years, had no idea that I was “feeling the effects” until I told him in the car on the way home.

Mbf: Really? You are?
Me: *grins* Yep, ‘lil bit.
Mbf: So this means you can get drunk and stuff again?
Me: I think so…! Yay for organic wine!
Mbf: HA! I just thought you were having a good time.
Me: I was, but there was that little added element… it always makes me giggle more.
Mbf: Yeah, you’ve always been a happy drunk.
Me: This is the best news EVER! I can hide amongst the sober and hatch my evil plans…

This is that Charlie I was mentioning earlier. He wouldn't stay still, so there's a bit of an "effect" as a result. He loves to camp in his IKEA tents... Yes, tents. He has three. And a silly mom who loves his little fuzzy face to bits.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's Almost Summer

I was just out on the balcony thinking yet again this year how glad I am that we are on the third floor, right in the tree canopy. It's the closest thing you will get to a back yard in a city center high-rise. That being said, it will still be a few years before I have the down payment together for a house... and then I'll have a real backyard of my very own. And a mortgage. And a lawnmower. And weeds. Hey... wait a second!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Egmont Insists...

... that this is tantamount to phoning it in, but it makes me giggle every time I see it, so I had to share. (There are 18 of these featuring different animals and birds by the way. It's a few years old - the ad campaign that is - but I think you'll agree it's a classic.)